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The Book of Eli Spoilers

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The Book of Eli Movie Spoiler

The Book of Eli Spoilers – The Book of Eli movie just came out this past weekend and a lot of people are pretty curious on what happens at the end of the movie. If you are interested, keep reading until the end. If you do not want to know what happens at the end of The Book of Eli, please don’t read on!

The Book of Eli Summary and Spoilers

The Book if Eli movie begins in a forest in which it’s raining ash. You see a carcass with a cat picking at the carcasses’ feet before being shot with an arrow by Eli (played by Denzel). The cat then becomes dinner for Eli.

The movie is based on a post-apocalyptic time in 2043.

Eli walks down a deserted road as he travels out West. He finds an abandoned home to stay the night. He checks to see if there’s water or anything useful in the house. He checks the entire house for other useful resources as well as making sure no savages are camping there. He finds a dead body hung in a closet and he ends up taking the boots to wear for himself.

He stays the night, cooks the cat to eat, sharpens his weapons as well as listens to an old iPod.

When Eli wakes up the next morning he notices his iPod is drained and the car battery that he uses to charge it is almost done. Eli leaves and continues to walk west until he runs into a woman with a broken cart asking for help. He notices it’s a trap and calls out to the savages hiding nearby telling them he can smell them. The savage leader pushes Eli around telling him to hand over all his stuff but then Eli cuts off his hand and then kills the rest of them while taking their valuables.

He leaves the woman behind even though she asks to go with him.

As he continues, he ends up on a broken highway ramp in which he sees a couple walking. Then a group of bikers come, kills the man, rapes the woman and steals their books. While this is happening, Eli is convincing himself that he should not get involved.

He continues and ends up in a small town. He finds a shop that can possibly charge his iPod for him and he trades some wet naps and lighter to get it done. The man at the shop tells him he can go to the bar across the street to wait but Eli tells him he’s going to wait there.

The bikers that killed the couple then pull up and go into the bar. Then Eli decides he’ll try to go get some water from the bar.

The bikers deliver the books they stole to Carnegie (played by Gary Oldman) who runs the town. He’s looking for one specific book but none of those ones brought to him is what he’s looking for. He orders his henchman to burn the books. He tells his right hand man (played by Ray Stevenson) to reward the bikers for their efforts.

Carnegie then takes a bottle of shampoo and washes Claudia’s hair.

Eli goes up to the bartender and trades his gloves and blanket to get his canteen filled with water. The bartender gives the canteen to Solara (played by Mila Kunis) and she goes out back to fill it up.

While Eli waits, a cat jumps up on his blanket and he pushes the cat away. The leader of the biker group then goes up to Eli trying to pick a fight. Eli checked him and puts him down and tries to leave without his water. But then everyone in the bar attacks him and he ends up killing all of them except for one when Solara comes back and tells him to not kill anymore.

Carnegie’s right hand man takes him to Carnegie at gunpoint. When Carnegie talks to him, he’s highly impressed and tries to recruit him but Eli has no interest. Carnegie forces him to stay the night.

They send Claudia to deliver food to Eli and he notices she’s blind and asks whether she was born that way or was she blinded by the flash that wiped out most of humanity. She tells him she’s been blind her whole life and thanks her for the food.

Claudia tells Carnegie that Eli has no intention of staying and his reaction was that he would send Claudia’s daughter, Solara to sleep with him to convince Eli to stay. Claudia begs him not to do it but he does it anyways.

Solara arrives at Eli’s room to offer her services but he rejects it. She begs him to just stay in the room so Carnegie doesn’t hurt her mother. Eli agrees and they eat together, pray and she notices he has a book, which is the Bible.

The next morning, Solara goes to eat breakfast with her mother and tries to recite a prayer when Carnegie notices and asks Solara if Eli had a book. She doesn’t answer and he starts to beat on her mother and she then tells him that he had a book with a cross on it. They all rush to Eli’s room to find that he escaped.

Eli is across the street trying to get his iPod to leave. Right when he steps out, Carnegie and all his henchmen are there and asks him to stay and give him “the book”. He thinks the best way to keep the town under his control is with the words of the book. Eli tells him that he’s looking for a town that NEEDS the book and unfortunately it’s not the town that he’s in.

Eli starts to leave and Carnegie tells Redridge, his right hand man, to shoot and kill him. All the bullets miss and a shootout takes place and Eli kills most of the henchmen. He even shoots Carnegie in the leg. Redridge has another shot at Eli but lets him leave.

Solara follows Eli and he tells her not to follow him. She said her mother thinks she would be safer with Eli. He rejects her but she said she would tell him where all the water is if he took her with him. He agrees but tricks her and locks her where the water well is and leaves.

She eventually breaks out and heads in the direction Eli was going. She runs into the same woman with the broken cart asking for help. But this time the woman insists that Solara needs to leave but new savages come out and attack her. Eli eventually appears and kills the savages and Solara hugs him and they both travel west.

It’s gets dark and Carnegie and his henchmen decides not to continue the search until the morning because it would be hard for them to see.

Meanwhile, Eli and Solara camp in a broken down nuclear plant and she asks him to teach her how to read and more about the book. He doesn’t respond and she tries to take a look at the book herself thinking he’s asleep but tells her to go back across the room and cocks his gun to let her know how serious he is.

The next morning they continue walking west and Solara asks a bunch of questions, particularly about life before the flash and the bible. He tells her that he has the only bible left in the world and that a voice in his head told him to go west to give it to people that need it the most and to protect it with his life.

They end up at a house and tries to go in until they fall into a trap hole when an old couple comes out and tells them they shouldn’t be there. Though, they eventually get invited in for tea and talk then the old couple shows them the cemetery of people who have attacked their house before. Eli tells Solara they need to go because he realizes they are cannibals and have been eating people. They think they are next.

But when they try to leave, Carnegie and his henchmen show up and they rush back into the house. The old couple then pulls out tons of guns and they have a shoot off. The old couple eventually get killed, the house gets shot with a rocket launcher and Eli and Solara are dragged out.

Carnegie threatens to kill Solara if he doesn’t give him the book. Eli tells him where the book is, they get it then they shoot Eli in the stomach. They leave him to die and take Solara.

In one vehicle is Carnegie and some henchmen, there’s a second vehicle and the other vehicle has Redridge, a driver and Solara in it. Solara takes her laces and chokes the driver and the car crashes. She gets out, throws a grenade at the second vehicle. Redridge was killed. Solara drives the car away and Carnegie decides not to go after her because he already has the book.

She returns to the house where Eli was shot but he’s not there. She drives out west and sees him walking and picks him up. She treats his wound with duct tape and apologizes for losing the book but he responds that he needs to put the book in use and do more for others than for yourself.

They get to a broken bridge which is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. They get in a row boat and head towards Alcatraz Island. The guards there scream not to get closer or they will be killed. Eli responds saying he posses the King James Bible in which he gets let in.

Alcatraz is where they are starting to rebuild humanity. He is taken to Lombardi, who manages things, and tells Eli they are rebuilding with books, paintings and anything to help them reestablish themselves. One of the things they didn’t have was a Bible. Eli then tells him to grab a pen and paper and he then recites the entire Bible word for word to him since he had a memorized for the last 30 years.

When Carnegie gets back to town, he book is locked. They finally crack it open and we see the twist. The entire Bible is in braille and Eli is actually blind. They go back to Eli and zoom in on his eyes and we notice it and its been like that since the flash.

Carnegie tells Claudia to read it since she’s blind but she lies and says she can’t remember how to. He’s pale and looks like he has a fever from the wound in his leg. Claudia lets him know that the town is starting to kill his leftover henchmen and he has lost control.

Back on Alcatraz, Eli eventually finishes reciting the entire bible and dies from the gunshot wound but he completed his task. They bury him in Alcatraz, Solara pays respect to his grave and takes his weapons, iPod and leaves. Lombardi tells her she is welcomed to stay but she leaves to go find her mother and spread the word on the rebuilding society.

And that’s The Book of Eli Spoilers and summary for you guys!