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Law Abiding Citizen Spoiler

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen Spoiler

The movie just came out this past weekend so I will be revealing the entire Law Abiding Citizen Spoiler, the story, the twist, etc. If you do not want to know what happens in details in the movie Law Abiding Citizen, you should not read past this part.

Law Abiding Citizen Summary and Spoiler

The movie starts off showing Clyde (played by Gerard Butler) working on some sort of invention. He is sitting at the table with his daughter whom is making a necklace for her mother. Shortly after, dinner was about to be ready but the door bell kept ringing. Clyde goes to answer the door when two robbers hit him with a bat, knock him on the floor and tie him up.

Clyde’s wife comes down, she gets grabbed and tied up as well. One of the robbers stabs Clyde in the stomach but he manages to stay alive and awake to watch the robber then stab his wife and then proceeds to rape her.

The other robber is screaming for him to stop but he doesn’t. The daughter finally comes out and the robber whom was raping the wife then goes for the daughter. And that is what we see last in the eyes of Clyde as he blacks out.

The next scene brings in Nick Rice (played by Jamie Foxx) in which is a very successful prosecutor. He even brings up his high conviction rate and also mentioned he doesn’t like to go to trial for cases he doesn’t feel as though he can win.

Rice, who is the Assistant DA, is assigned to the case and makes a deal with one of the killers to testify against his partner for 10 years in prison bargain while his partner gets the death penalty. Of course, the one making the deal is the same one who killed the wife and daughter.

Clyde doesn’t want Nick to make the deal and wants him to try his luck with the trial but the deal was already done. Clyde wasn’t happy about the situation.

When they all left the court room, the killer was thanking Nick for making that deal with him and tried to shake his hand. Clyde saw all of it from a distance.

10 years later…

The first robber who was sentenced to the death penalty got set up for it. Nick as well as a few others were there to be the witnesses for what was supposed to be a pain free and easy death penalty by lethal injection.

After the injection, the robber starts screaming in agony. It wasn’t supposed to be like that.

The FBI, police, warden and Nick try to figure out what went wrong. Someone switched the lethal injection fluids with something a lot stronger. A clue was given and they think it was the other robber who had the plea bargain so they race over to his house.

The robber receives a mysterious phone call to direct him to safety. He is pointed to a cop car in which the cop was dazed and he steals his gun and forces him to drive.

They get to a safe place, the robber tells him to get out and he goes to kill him. Except Clyde was disguised as the cop and when the robber tries to shoot him, he is injected with a paralyzing poison.

The robber is then taken to a broke down warehouse and which Clyde tortures him and cuts off his limps and records it.

Nick and the police figures out it was Clyde and rushes to his house and arrest him. Clyde expects this, strips nude and gets arrested and taken to jail.

Once he is in there, Nick has no evidence that he actually killed the robber. The only way to prosecute him is to get a confession which he can’t get out of Clyde.

Instead, Clyde plays games and makes outrageous requests such as a new bed for his cell. In exchange, he will confess.

They agree to it. Now there’s more requests coming from Clyde because he has planned to kill a lot of people of the justice system.

The next request was to get a specific meal from a specific restaurant delivered to him on time in exchange for finding another person to save. The lunch isn’t delivered on time and by the time they get to the body, the man is found dead because they were late just by a few minutes.

If the lunch wasn’t late then they would have saved the guy.

Now a bunch of other people start dying and questions arise especially the fact that it seems like Clyde is killing people but he’s been locked up in solitary the entire time.

Every person Clyde said he was going to kill, gets killed.

Later on Nick gets an inside tip that Clyde was some sort of secret agent. When they needed someone “taken care of” and they couldn’t do it themselves, they would call Clyde. Basically, if he wanted you dead, you’d be dead.

Nick gets closer to figuring everything out. He checks every single property Clyde has purchased but he was only able to get the prices for them from an inside scoop. He then compares all of those costs with property purchased within the last ten years.

One of the locations was a little garage/junkyard right next to the prison Clyde was staying at. This is when Nick finds out that there is a tunnel dug up that leads straight to the prison. He checks if Clyde is there at that very moment and he’s not in the solitary prison.

So, the person that was killing everyone was really Clyde and not someone else.

The next target was the mayor and Nick rushes over there with a few police officers to try to catch him in the act. Clyde plants a bomb which is remote controlled and then goes back to the prison. Once he gets back, Nick is there waiting for him already.

Nick explains there is another way and he doesn’t have to do it (active the bomb). Clyde says he has to and actives it. Nick then runs out… the cop that was helping Nick locks the other door so Clyde can’t escape and the bomb was removed from the mayor’s place and placed in Clyde’s jail cell.

Clyde basically kills himself.

The movie ends with Nick at his daughter’s recital with his wife.