Heroes Spoilers: Season 4 Episode 1: Orientation: S04E01


In the Heroes Spoiler for Season 4 Episode 1: Orientation: S04E01, this two-hour debut features a new venue for creepiness.

The mysterious Sullivan Brother’s Carnival is revealed and a new clan, led by a man named Samuel (played by new regular, Robert Knepper,) is introduced.
After his brother passes away, Samuel is going to try and lure in the Heroes one by one to help him in his attempt to change his life.

The “old crew” struggles with a new stage in their lives, making them question their abilities and perceptions.

Claire is finally off to college, but a mysterious death on campus will force her into using her powers again. She will also get a roommate with mysteries of her own.

Hero and Ando are still on a quest to try and help people.

Angela is fearful that Nathan will realize his true identity and Matt is suddenly being visited by Sylar… who wants his body back. He is holding Matt’s baby hostage until this happens.

Peter is trying to use his powers for good but his past is knocking on his door.

As NBC is dealing with financial cutbacks, expect a greater spotlight on character development througout the season.

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