How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Season 5 Episode 11: Last Cigarette Ever: S05E11


This is the press release for How I Met Your Mother, Season 5 Episode 11 called, Last Cigarette Ever:

The Gang attempts to quit smoking while Robin ‘Butts’ heads with her new jaded co-worker on How I Met Your Mother

If you’ve ever smoked and tried to quit, you’ll know it’s one of the hardest things to try and do – even harder than getting up to catch a 5:00 AM commuter train.
Once you’re on the train, you’re all set. Quitting smoking is an ongoing process 24/7 and there’s no “Butt Break” to take your mind off of it.
It took me 6 or 7 attempts over 3 years and I never fully kicked the habit until I started going to so many exercise classes, I needed all of the oxygen I could get my hands on.

The hardest thing to give up is the “social smoking” – one person starts and then another and another.

On HIMYM SE0511, when Marshall starts smoking again, Barney, Lily and Ted all start up again, too.
Marshall is one of those kids that used to sneak out in the woods so for him, going back to smoking is like going back to his childhood and you know once you hit the third cigarette, the coughing stops and you’re good to go… until you get all of those associated health problems in a few years.

Lily’s “smoking voice” is done by Harvey Fierstein and you know that’s a smoker’s voice if ever there was one and when anyone will have their Last Cigarette Ever, no one ever really knows.

So, how’s Robin doing in HIMYM S05E11?
Her new co-anchor, Don, is pretty famous in the news anchor business and there’s definitely a good tension between them when Don asks her for a cigarette.
Don crushes Robin though when he admits that this gig is a low point for him.
He was blacklisted from other news shows after taking a stand against biased reporting and Robin’s slot was the only one offered.
Robin was hoping Don’s presence would give her the career boost she needed but now it’s looking like she’s going in the opposite direction.

Hide your ash trays and break out the patches and nicotine gum.

How I Met Your Mother, Season 5 Episode 11: Last Cigarette ever is scheduled to air Monday, December 14th on CBS.

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