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Bones Spoilers: Season 5 Episode 10: The Goop on the Girl : S05E10

Monday, December 7th, 2009


This is the TV Guide write-up for Bones, Season 5 Episode 10:The Goop on the Girl:

Brennan and Booth investigate the motive of a failed bank robbery that ended with a man dressed as Santa Claus blowing himself up. Meanwhile, Brennan’s father tries to persuade her to spend the holidays with him and and a distant relative (Zooey Deschanel) rather than return to Central America.

Was Santa angry at the bank for not giving him a loan?

There’s a retired bomb-maker with a membership website in case people want to know how to make bombs out of common household items.
How does he fit into all of this?
Some people will do anything to get out of doing housework.

Does the witness that’s getting all sorts of Santa picked out of her hair know more than just what she saw?
She’s definitely the Goop on the Girl in Bones SE0510, so what is all of that person on her person going to tell Booth and Brennan?

Of course, we can’t have the joy of Christmas without the voice of ¬†anti-consumerism and a call to anarchy now, can we?
That’s what DJ’s have been doing ever since the demise of music radio.
It doesn’t matter what Adam Lambert does or… does more of, Anger Radio gets higher ratings than Pop! Goes the American Idol Winner.
Is this a case of Merry Christmas, Mr. Angry DJ, this bomb’s for you?

Oh, who cares?
In Bones, S05E10, Brennan’s distant relative – a cousin played by Emily Deschanel’s sister, Zooey, is coming in for the Holidays and, as is usually the case with relatives, celebrations and TV, there’s more than a little¬†conversation about where people are celebrating and why.
Sometimes we don’t want to deal with the holidays because we don’t want to deal with the stuff that goes with it – like relatives.

Can’t we all just get along?

Maybe if we let go of our anger and start caring, we will.

Bones, Season 5 Episode 10:The Goop on the Girl is scheduled to air Thursday, December 10th on Fox.