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Major Heroes Character Killed Off

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009


That buzzing noise your hear ringing through the TV ‘net news streams is that a major Heroes character was killed off.

The scenes have been shot and the dirty deed done, but as to who or when, that has yet to be revealed.

Reading through these columns for you guys, there seems to be certain threads of truth that we can surmise:

  • It’s definitely a male character.
  • The character has been around since Season 1
  • The actor said he had no hint from the producers that this axing was coming and only found out when he read the script. He mentioned that he was surprised and a bit hurt that he wasn’t given any kind of warning.

Let’s weed through the possibilities:

Hiro Nakamura – Masi Oka said in an interview given this past Summer that, given Hiro’s dire prognosis, he would be disappointed if Hiro didn’t die… that it would be a cop-out.
Even though we can see a cop-out coming in Heroes Spoiler: SE0406: Tabula Rasa, this interview admission eliminates the surprise-factor bombshell as Oka has probably been waiting for the end of the road.

Ando Masahashi – Also a slim possibility but unlikely only because Hiro needs a strong verbal outlet for his storyline which is spoken in Japanese.

Mohinder Suresh…  Has anyone seen Mohinder lately? Would you be surprised at this point if his sporadic appearance turned into a permanent dismissal?
Sendhil Ramamurthy said in an interview that Heroes SE0410 “will be huge.”
That doesn’t sound like he was surprised when he looked at the script… doesn’t mean he’s good to stay, but rather, it sounds like it was someone else who took the news a little hard on a different day – maybe past the episode 10 shooting?

HRG/Noah Bennett – Strong possibility.
Part of this Heroes: Redemption storyline in Season 4 is him putting together a new “people-focused” Company with Angela Petrelli and Tracy – but things can change. That would be a much more difficult task if he were dead.
He’s also supposed to get a love interest soon and it would also be difficult to develop that relationship… it would also be a huge surprise, though, huh?

Nathan Petrelli – Already pretty much done as Sylar needed his body. Where do we put Nathan now?
No surprise so let’s eliminate him… so to speak.

Peter PetrelliMilo Ventimiglia is a strong possibility. No reason not to give him his walking papers except that we have yet to watch his potential new girlfriend, Emma, reveal the torment of her past that her Mom alluded to in Heroes SE0405 and you don’t ditch Mom (Louise Fletcher) for nothing.

Sylar – Slim possibility. Zachary Quinto made some waves on the latest Star Trek flick and that would’ve changed his branding a bit, but he’s a darned good villain and it’s hard to justify offing a nasty, watchable villain.
So we have to ask. Did the skinniest dude in Hollywood grow the biggest ego? Is he just too gnarly for everyone to work with?
That doesn’t seem to be the case if you check out the interviews with Greg Grunberg… speaking of which….

Matt ParkmanGreg Grunberg is a big promoter of the show as it also gives him a chance to talk about his charity and fund raising and that would definitely leave him and his interviewing friends stunned and hurt by a job cut.
Right now, he seems to be the only one that isn’t “in the mix” with the Sullivan Bros. Carnival so we’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Brother’s Keeper” is the working title for episode 10 that Ramamurthy referred to and while we know Samuel had a brother, it would put the Petrelli brothers in the Romanov’s basement.

Plus, it’s also been rumored that Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennett) split up last February so maybe that somehow figures into the mix?

If you really want to split hairs on the rumor, Zachary Quinto was only listed as a guest on Season 1 and Jack Coleman wasn’t a series regular until SE0111.

Whoever it is, it’s gonna break some hearts on Planet Earth.

The latest spoiler is at Heroes Spoiler SE0406 and you can watch Heroes:  SE0405: Hysterical Blindness at fancast.