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Smallville Spoilers: Season 9 Episode 1: Savior: S09E01

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Smallville Spoilers: Season 9 Episode 1

Yes, we have the Smallville spoilers: season 9 episode 1 titled Savior. The show is set to air September 24th but if you want to know how this season starts off, keep reading this Smallville spoiler.

Let’s see, where do we begin… well, it looks Zod officially appears in this Smallville episode when he arrives at the Luther mansion.

Clark is distancing himself from all of his friends. He tells Jor-el that he wants to begin his formal training but he is told to cut his ties with Lois before he can start. As you know, Clark and Lois became pretty close and have feelings for each other.

Lois comes back and she was gone because of the Legion ring but she doesn’t remember being gone for weeks. Chloe questions it… speaking of Legion ring, Chloe begs Clark to use it to bring back Jimmy (Jimmy was killed in the previous episode) but he refuses to do it. As you know, Clark isn’t a big fan of the Legion ring to begin with.

Lastly, it looks like John Corben is a new reporter who isn’t a big fan of the red and blue blur. He is played by Brian Austin Green. He gets introduced when investigating a crash and he runs into Lois.

I think that’s most of the Smallville spoilers for season 9 episode 1.