Watch Smallville Season 9 Episode 1 Online

Smallville Spoilers: Season 9 Episode 1

Since the season premiere already passed, I’m sure a bunch of you guys are looking to Watch Smallville Season 9 Episode 1 Online. Don’t worry, I know exactly where to go check it out. Just keep reading and I’ll tell you where you should go to watch it.

I actually wrote the Smallville Spoiler for Season 9 Episode 1 so you guys can check it out if you don’t feel like watching the actual show. Personally, I would watch it when you guys have a chance… and try to do so before Friday when the Smallville Season 9 Episode 2 airs on television.

Anyways, I would go to and just look under full episodes and the Smallville S09E01 should be there for you guys to watch streaming.


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  1. Sire says:

    Smallville took awhile getting used to as the storyline was a bit different from the comic books, but once I got into it I was always hanging out for the next episode.

    I didn’t know you could watch streaming video of it, so thanks for the link.

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